Virtual Event MC & event design

Your online event deserves to create impact. Miriam will make it engaging, interactive, and memorable. Connecting your virtual event to reality.

Virtual Event Emcee - Miriam Staley
Virtual Event Emcee - Miriam Staley

Event Emcee, Host, Moderator
in-person, virtual & hybrid

Miriam is a highly engaging, personable and charismatic host for both live and virtual events.

She works closely with her clients across many industry sectors to add extreme value to any event or conference that she is asked to moderate. Miriam's professional experience ensures an enjoyable and seamless experience for the organisers, presenters and delegates - while adding some extra sparkle and fun.

Engaging Miriam's expertise will ensure that

message threads

Threads of the whole event are brought together and there is continuity across all the sessions.

on-track objectives

Event objectives and aims are clearly understood, and the themes and topics of each session are kept on-track, relevant and on-time.

event support

Speakers and experts feel comfortable and relaxed knowing they are in the safest possible hands, and will receive brilliant preparation support.

high energy & interaction

Pace, high energy, interaction, engagement and structure are created and maintained.

Nurtured environment

An environment of trust is nurtured to enable an impactful learning experience, real connections to be formed, and inspiration to be absorbed.

Virtual Event Design

Start the right way, start with experience

Instead of clients simply delivering something that's a poor digital imitation of their in-person conference or event, this consultancy offering helps them to create something that's just as good, or better - but crucially is adapted to be effective when delivered remotely.

At this current times when audiences are increasingly fatigued by never-ending webinars and video conferences, it is essential that clients find new and innovative ways to create online sessions that are highly experiential for the viewer, retain a sense of fun and engagement, and provide huge value for the audience.

Our fundamental aim is to enhance and improve the experience for everyone attending an online meeting or event, through:

  • Meeting and event design support
  • Agenda-mapping advice
  • Briefings and supporting documents for presenters and attendees
  • Technology platform management
  • Hosting and co-hosting curation
  • Internal moderator and host training
  • Online presentation skills training
  • Recommendations for external guests and speakers

It is all about experience and added value.

virtual event design

Miriam has been involved with designing and delivering hundreds of events, ensuring that the participant experience is unforgettable, client objectives are met, insightful conversations and interviews are professionally moderated, and every aspect of an impactful agenda is meticulously managed.

She has vast experience in the event industry, with expertise in

  • meeting planning and engaging design formats
  • in-person and virtual moderation and hosting
  • presentation skills training for the real and virtual world
  • client coaching for internal moderation skills
  • specific industry experience (from pharma to tech and financial services)
virtual MC - Miriam Staley

Presentation Coach

Miriam is passionate about helping people develop the skills and techniques they need to deliver presentations, speeches and pitches with dynamism and conviction.

Presenter Training
Public Speaking

Miriam offers bespoke and tailored 1:1 or group coaching to help anyone speak and present with greater impact and inspiration.

Audience Rapport

Building a genuine connection with an audience is crucial. Miriam teaches the skills to engage an audience and keep them interested.


It's essential to structure every talk for maximum impact, and Miriam helps to draw out key messages and ensure your content is spot-on.


Every speaker needs a set of expert tools and skills. Miriam teaches the ones that generate real results.

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They trust Miriam... will you?
Open eXchange
Marks & Spencer
Royal Bank of Scotland
Grant Thornton
Royal Mail
Mathis Hampel - Urban Future

What can I say other than wow?! The way you hosted our first virtual event delivered exactly what we wanted. Your energy was incredible, and your professional moderation made all the panellists feel totally comfortable. We loved the pace of the session, the tools you used to make it interactive and fun, and also your planning support leading up to the event. Thank you!

Mathis Hampel, Programme Director, Urban Future

Paul McKinlay - Cimpress & Vistaprint

Thank you for delivering a huge positive enhancement to my event. You never fail to hit the mark. More than that, the way you invest your time, experience and intellect into making each event a success is so very much appreciated. I feel so lucky to have you to lean on each time and you are such a pleasure to work with. You'll always be my first call when I need support with our event planning and design.

Paul McKinlay, VP of Comms & Remote Working, Vistaprint

Philip Atkins - Off to work

Following yesterday's Leadership Academy meeting I would just like to say a massive thank you for your time. The feedback afterwards has been immense and I have not seen the team feeling quite so impassioned about the future for a long time: it was the perfect session at the perfect time. Please be safe in the knowledge that I am extremely grateful for the impact you are having on the team and many thanks again for your exceptional input.

Philip Atkins, CEO, Off to Work

Hannah Linder - Royal Mail Group

Thank you for all your help with the conference this year - your support was invaluable. From constant client hand-holding, last minute rescripting, endless extra rehearsals, to talent wrangling, you quickly understood how to ensure our content and messaging needed to be crafted so our event could deliver maximum impact.

Hannah Linder, Deputy Head of Events, Royal Mail Group