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Your message deserves to make an impact. Miriam will help make it engaging and memorable. Connecting you with your audience.

Presenter Training
Presenter Training

Presenter Coaching

Miriam absolutely loves helping people to find their voice. From senior business leaders to aspiring professional speakers, from sales teams to industry experts, she creates offerings that are bespoke and tailored to the individual client and their requirements. She can provide ongoing support and 1:1 coaching to help a senior leader speak and present with greater impact and inspiration, or deliver specific training aligned to an event or conference.

By helping them to connect on a deep and authentic level with any type of audience, speakers can deliver messages with clarity and persuasion, ensuring alignment between what they want to say and what the audience actually perceives.

We also offer full programmes to help instill better speaking and presenting skills and pitching techniques across an organisation.

Desired outcomes for each person include the ability to:

  • Present with total confidence and conviction
  • Win the audience over and keep them on side
  • Fully engage with and appeal to listeners
  • Communicate with genuine passion
  • Influence others to take action
  • Learn and apply advanced presentation skills techniques
  • Structure a talk for maximum impact and memorability

Virtual Presentations

Start the right way, start with an expert

If you want to achieve real impact online, it is not simply a case of replicating your usual in-person session on the screen. Miriam assists speakers, presenters and business leaders find new and innovative ways to create sessions that are highly experiential, retain a sense of fun and engagement, and deliver huge value for the audience.

Some of the key techniques that anyone presenting remotely needs to master include:

  • How to engage people when you can’t look them in the eye
  • How to keep your energy up without live feedback and eye contact
  • How to structure a presentation for digital delivery
  • How to use the best features of what the technology platforms can offer

These are the building blocks that give increased confidence to an online speaker, and the comfort of knowing they can present their key messages with total authority and conviction, while fully engaging the audience. It's all about finding ways to communicate with genuine passion and authenticity – even when it’s through a webcam.

virtual event host

In a recent study that Dave Birss conducted alongside Leading Minds Worldwide into how speakers and trainers feel about remote delivery, there were some common, shared concerns:

  • Worries about the technology
  • Unfamiliarity speaking to a webcam all by themselves
  • The lack of live feedback from the audience
  • Concerns about keeping everyone’s attention when they’re surrounded by distractions
  • How to look professional in the digital environment and create differentiation and stand-out

These are all valid worries – and they’re also all things that Miriam can help anyone to overcome with her training, coaching and upskilling support.

Presenter coaching sessions

Virtual & Hybrid Events

We work with clients to find new and innovative ways to create online sessions that are highly experiential for the viewer, retain a sense of fun and engagement, and provide huge value for the audience.

Event Host

Miriam's extensive experience hosting and moderating virtual sessions means she is trusted by any client running an online version of their conference or event. Her energy, professionalism and platform support ensure a fast-paced, engaging and worthwhile experience for all the attendees.

Event Design

Conference organisers, event managers and business leaders are realising that to achieve maximum impact, it is not simply a case of replicating an in-person event on a screen. But whenever a live conference can no longer take place, we can help you transform that into a great online experience.

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They trust Miriam... will you?
Open eXchange
Marks & Spencer
Royal Bank of Scotland
Grant Thornton
Royal Mail
Hanna McCloskey - RBS

Working with Miriam helped me to articulate my ideas, identify the message that I wanted to leave with my audience, associate what I was saying with powerful imagery that connected with the audience, as well as fundamentally giving me the confidence in the realisation that I had an important message to share. I really enjoyed my experience working with Miriam and found it rewarding as I now have a series of skills that I can apply to any future speaking opportunities.

Hanna McCloskey, RBS, 'Young Banker of the Year'

Juliet Scott - BUPA

Miriam's coaching support was pitched perfectly for us, and the experience was both enlightening and fun. We have all come away with an enhanced toolkit which will help us as communications professionals. I am particularly over the moon with our MD's session on the day; your work with him really showed.

Juliet Scott, Head of Internal Comms, Bupa International

Elizabeth Worrall - Royal Mail

We use Miriam extensively to coach our Executive Team, and trust me, she has her work cut out for her. She has certainly worked more than a few miracles! Her real talent is her ability to work with any presenter no matter how nervous or difficult they may be, and her patience, insight and positive approach wins everyone over, from CEO's to frontline employees. For us, her impact is easily measured by the success of our many events.

Elizabeth Worrall, Head of F2F Programmes, Royal Mail

Alana Renner - Post Office

Miriam quickly grasped the challenges facing the executive team and senior managers, ahead of preparing them for a series of face to face events. The extra confidence her coaching sessions gave to presenters helped them deliver a very successful series of events covering complex issues.

Alana Renner, Head of Communications, Post Office Ltd