Miriam Staley Conference Emcee & Speaker Coach

Your events, whether in-person, virtual or hybrid, deserve to create impact. Miriam will make them engaging, interactive, and memorable. Connecting content with stand-out experiences.

Event Host Presentation Skills Voice overs

Virtual Events Host - Miriam Staley
Virtual Events Host - Miriam Staley
Miriam Staley
Event MC - Miriam Staley

Event Host & Moderator

Miriam is a highly engaging, personable and charismatic host for live, hybrid and virtual events.

Her ability to bring together the threads and themes of any event and get the best out of all the on-stage and audience participants, adds a unique dimension and real value to any conference environment.

In this evolving landscape, clients find engaging a professional moderator is a crucial part of running a successful event. Miriam plays a critical role ensuring that the available tools and technology solutions are fully utilised to create an experiential, impactful and fun session for all the participants.

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Presentation Skills

Start the right way, start with an expert

Public speaking is a skill which is all too often overlooked and under-developed in the business world, whether that is delivering a talk on-stage, or on-screen. Miriam is passionate about helping anyone to communicate and present with far greater power and persuasion, leading to improved results and benefit all round.

She has a real ability to draw an often-dormant talent for speaking and presenting out of the people she works with, focusing on areas like:

  • increasing confidence and overcoming fears
  • pulling together the best content in an impactful way
  • building rapport and engagement with any audience
  • embedding delivery techniques that help messages to stick
  • designing a narrative and enhancing storytelling skills

With more than two decades working as a speaker and trainer, Miriam's experience will ensure that you are able to hone and develop this essential business and life skill. If you've got something to say, make sure you're heard!

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Presenter Training

Professional Voice Overs

Miriam's warm, smooth and resonant tone is the perfect choice for any audio track that needs a clear British accent and dynamic expression that invites trust and engagement. With a fully-equipped, professional home studio set-up, Miriam is just a click or phone call away from adding that extra polish to your project.

Professional voice-over home studio
Listen to Miriam's voice over sample:
corporate videos

Employee induction videos, conference openers, internal messaging systems and promo films come to life when Miriam gives voice to a company's communications and brand.

audio books

If you're looking for someone to breathe life into your carefully crafted words, then Miriam will record with heart and feeling, working with you to achieve the result you've imagined in your head.


Equally at home behind the microphone as presenting in front of the camera, Miriam provides engaging narration and continuity for TV shows and online product channels.


For any brand, product or service looking for a way to make people sit up and pay attention, then Miriam's compelling voiceovers will transform your campaign.

They trust Miriam... will you?
Open eXchange
Marks & Spencer
Royal Bank of Scotland
Grant Thornton
Royal Mail
Mathis Hampel - Urban Future

What can I say other than wow?! The way you hosted our first virtual event delivered exactly what we wanted. Your energy was incredible, and your professional moderation made all the panellists feel totally comfortable. We loved the pace of the session, the tools you used to make it interactive and fun, and also your planning support leading up to the event. Thank you!

Mathis Hampel, Programme Director, Urban Future

Hannah Linder - Royal Mail Group

Thank you for all your help with the conference this year - your support was invaluable. From constant client hand-holding, last minute rescripting, endless extra rehearsals, to talent wrangling, you quickly understood how to ensure our content and messaging needed to be crafted so our event could deliver maximum impact.

Hannah Linder, Deputy Head of Events, Royal Mail Group

Juliet Scott - BUPA

Miriam's coaching support was pitched perfectly for us, and the experience was both enlightening and fun. We have all come away with an enhanced toolkit which will help us as communications professionals. I am particularly over the moon with our MD's session on the day; your work with him really showed.

Juliet Scott, Head of Internal Comms, Bupa International

Philip Atkins - Off to work

Following yesterday’s Leadership Academy meeting I would just like to say a massive thank you for your time. The feedback afterwards has been immense and I have not seen the team feeling quite so impassioned about the future for a long time: it was the perfect session at the perfect time. Please be safe in the knowledge that I am extremely grateful for the impact you are having on the team and many thanks again for your exceptional input.

Philip Atkins, CEO, Off to Work